Radical collaboration

It’s at the heart of our methodology, meaning we understand that our clients have insights into their business that no agency can ever compete with. However we can help them make the most of those insights by challenging, coaching and co-creating together with them. To do that you need an ongoing dialogue and build a fundamental trust. The recipe to success is therefore a relationship that goes beyond the traditional client/agency dynamics. We practice the 5-S methodology often used in coaching. 

By asking the right questions, we will get the correct answers which in turn will deliver the right solutions.

Phase 1. Situation

Understanding today

Examine the current situation and clarifying a clear goal. Without 
a goal we will never know which game we are playing.

Phase 2. Symptoms

Gather evidence

What are the consequences of the current situation and what needs to change? In this phase, we make sure we are tackling the right problem.

Phase 3. Source

Identifying the problem

We go to the root of the problem to fully understand and map out the challenges ahead.

Phase 4. Shift

Build momentum

Once we know what the problem is and what’s causing it, we can start visualising how we would want the situation to be.

Phase 5. Solution

Create a better experience

This is the part where the magic happens. We get to work.